Wintergrass 2020, February 20th - 23rd

Seen at least on-line, and look promising, or know well and like them
♥♥Seen or know well enough to know they're great

About the above legend...
If I haven't given ♥s for a show, that doesn't mean I think the show won't be good, or even great... If I don't know the artist, and didn't have time to do much research about them, I'll still include them on the calendar if they definitely seem to fit into the genres I'm trying to track.

Scheduled TimeArtist/BandVenue
Feb 20, 17:45Five Letter Word ♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 20, 18:00The Barefoot Movement ♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 20, 18:50John Reischman & the Jaybirds ♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 20, 19:00Special ConsensusGrand Ballroom
Feb 20, 19:15Che Apalache ♥♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 20, 20:05The Warren G. Hardings ♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 20, 20:15Red Wine ♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 20, 20:30Lonesome Ace Stringband ♥♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 20, 21:20Trio Brasileiro ♥♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 20, 21:30The Barefoot Movement ♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 20, 21:45Special ConsensusRegency Ballroom
Feb 21, 13:45Appalachian RoadshowGrand Ballroom
Feb 21, 14:00Five Letter Word ♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 21, 15:00Che Apalache ♥♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 21, 15:15Special ConsensusRegency Ballroom
Feb 21, 16:00Youth Academy ShowEvergreen Ballroom
Feb 21, 16:15We Banjo 3 ♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 21, 16:30Trio Brasileiro ♥♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 21, 16:30PolskaCedar Ballroom
Feb 21, 18:15Open MicCedar Ballroom
Feb 21, 18:20Lonesome Ace Stringband ♥♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 21, 18:40Väsen ♥♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 21, 19:00Five Letter Word ♥Auditorium
Feb 21, 19:00Hogslop String BandRegency Ballroom
Feb 21, 19:35Old Salt UnionEvergreen Ballroom
Feb 21, 19:55John Reischman & the Jaybirds ♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 21, 20:15Lonesome Ace Stringband ♥♥Auditorium
Feb 21, 20:30We Banjo 3 ♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 21, 20:50The Barefoot Movement ♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 21, 21:10Darrell Scott ♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 21, 21:30Trio Brasileiro ♥♥Auditorium
Feb 21, 22:00Heels To The Hardwood ♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 21, 22:05Appalachian RoadshowEvergreen Ballroom
Feb 21, 22:25Kate Lee & Forrest O’Connor ♥♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 21, 23:30Old Salt UnionRegency Ballroom
Feb 22, 11:25Hogslop String BandRegency Ballroom
Feb 22, 13:10Red Wine ♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 22, 13:30Balla Kouyate & Mike Block ♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 22, 14:10Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn ♥♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 22, 14:25The Warren G. Hardings ♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 22, 14:45Nefesh Mountain ♥♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 22, 15:25Kate Lee & Forrest O’Connor ♥♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 22, 15:40Väsen ♥♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 22, 16:00The Kruger Brothers ♥♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 22, 16:40Larry Keel Experience ♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 22, 16:55Darrell Scott ♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 22, 17:00-7:00YATT, Ballard Fiddlers, MOX student performances & Square DanceCedar Ballroom
Feb 22, 18:30Joe Craven & the Sometimers ♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 22, 18:35Hogslop String BandEvergreen Ballroom
Feb 22, 18:50John Reischman & the Jaybirds ♥Auditorium
Feb 22, 19:00The SwingbringersRegency Ballroom
Feb 22, 19:30Brazilian Roda (Choro jam)Cedar Ballroom
Feb 22, 19:45Darrell Scott ♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 22, 19:50I Draw Slow ♥♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 22, 20:05The Kruger Brothers ♥♥Auditorium
Feb 22, 20:25Larry Keel Experience ♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 22, 21:00Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn ♥♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 22, 21:05Balla Kouyate & Mike Block ♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 22, 21:20Red Wine ♥Auditorium
Feb 22, 21:55Joe Craven & the Sometimers ♥Regency Ballroom
Feb 22, 22:15We Banjo 3 ♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 22, 22:20Väsen ♥♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 23, 10:30Highway Home Gospel showEvergreen Ballroom
Feb 23, 11:15I Draw Slow ♥♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 23, 11:45Balla Kouyate & Mike Block ♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 23, 12:30The Kruger Brothers ♥♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 23, 13:00Nefesh Mountain ♥♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 23, 13:45Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn ♥♥Grand Ballroom
Feb 23, 14:15I Draw Slow ♥♥Evergreen Ballroom
Feb 23, 15:15Wintergrass Youth Orchestra with The Kruger Brothers, Balla Kouyate & Mike Block, Trio Brasileiro, Bela Fleck & Abigail WashburnGrand Ballroom

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