Wintergrass 2016

Thursday Evening, Feb 25 - Sunday Feb 28, 2016, Bellevue Hyatt Regency


Recommended performance
Performance recommended by friend, Alec Hurt, bluegrass aficionado
*** Seen at least on-line, and look promising, or know well and like them
**** Seen or know well enough to know they're great

Thursday Evening, Feb 25
5:45pmSongs of the Fall ****Evergreen Ballroom
6:00pmNoam Pikelny ****Grand Ballroom
6:15pmMolly Tuttle ****Regency Ballroom
6:55pmNorth Country BluegrassEvergreen Ballroom
7:10pmTrout Steak Revival ****Grand Ballroom
7:25pmThe Hounds Tooth BoysRegency Ballroom
8:05pmRabbit Wilde ***Evergreen Ballroom
8:20pmThe Steel WheelsGrand Ballroom
8:35pmSongs of the Fall ****Regency Ballroom
9:15pmThe Earl Brothers Hillbilly TranceEvergreen Ballroom
9:30pmSolas ****Grand Ballroom
9:45pmTrout Steak Revival ****Regency Ballroom
Friday, Feb 26
2:00pmThe Hounds Tooth BoysGrand Ballroom
3:10pmThe Earls of LeicesterGrand Ballroom
4:45pmD'Addario Wintergrass Youth AcademyEvergreen Ballroom
5:45pmDownTown Mountain BoysGrand Ballroom
6:30pmRabbit Wilde ***Evergreen Ballroom
6:30pmFarmStrongCedar Third Place
6:55pmSongs of the Fall ****Grand Ballroom
7:25pmPetunia & The VipersRegency Ballroom
7:40pmSolas ****Evergreen Ballroom
7:40pmThe Hounds Tooth BoysCedar Third Place
8:05pmThe Steel WheelsGrand Ballroom
8:35pmThe Bumper Jacksons ***Regency Ballroom
8:50pmSeldom SceneEvergreen Ballroom
8:50pmDownTown Mountain BoysCedar Third Place
9:15pmMartha Redbone Roots Project ***Grand Ballroom
10:00pmSolas ****Regency Ballroom
10:25pmThe Earls of LeicesterGrand Ballroom
10:00pmMustered Courage ***Evergreen Ballroom
10:00pmPetunia & The VipersCedar Third Place
11:20pmScythian ***Regency Ballroom
Saturday, Feb 27
1:10pmJoe CravenGrand Ballroom
1:20pmStumptown Swing ***Regency Ballroom
2:10pmThe Bombadils ***Evergreen Ballroom
2:20pmNorth Country BluegrassGrand Ballroom
2:30pmHelen HighwaterRegency Ballroom
3:20pmDoyle Lawson & QuicksilverEvergreen Ballroom
3:30pmMustered Courage ***Grand Ballroom
3:40pmEvie Ladin Band w. Keith Terry & Erik Pearson ****Regency Ballroom
4:30pmTrout Steak Revival ****Evergreen Ballroom
4:40pmThe Earl Brothers Hillbilly TranceGrand Ballroom
4:50pmSeldom SceneRegency Ballroom
6:30pmBen Hunter & Joe Seamons ****Evergreen Ballroom
6:30pmThe Bombadils ***Cedar Third Place
7:00pmHelen HighwaterGrand Ballroom
7:15pmVäsen ****Regency Ballroom
7:40pmFarmStrongEvergreen Ballroom
7:40pmThe Old YellersCedar Third Place
8:10pmSeldom SceneGrand Ballroom
8:40pmCountry HammerRegency Ballroom
8:50pmThe Earl Brothers Hillbilly TranceEvergreen Ballroom
8:50pmBen Hunter & Joe Seamons ****Cedar Third Place
9:20pmVäsen ****Grand Ballroom
10:00pmMustered Courage ***Evergreen Ballroom
10:00pmJoe CravenCedar Third Place
10:05pmScythian ***Regency Ballroom
10:30pmDoyle Lawson & QuicksilverGrand Ballroom
11:10pmThe Steel WheelsEvergreen Ballroom
11:30pmDustbowl RevivalRegency Ballroom
Sunday, Feb 28
10:30amYouth Orchestra w. Doyle Lawson, Väsen and Martha RedboneGrand Ballroom
12:05pmThe Misty MamasEvergreen Ballroom
12:20pmThe Hound Tooth BoysGrand Ballroom
1:15pmEvie Ladin Band w. Keith Terry & Erik Pearson ****Evergreen Ballroom
1:30pmMolly Tuttle ****Grand Ballroom
2:25pmThe Bombadils ***Evergreen Ballroom
2:40pmMartha Redbone Roots Project ***Grand Ballroom
3:35pmVäsen ****Evergreen Ballroom
3:50pmDoyle Lawson & QuicksilverGrand Ballroom

Alec's Tips

The Earls of LesterSupergroup of veterans that perform Flatt and Scruggs repertoire
The steel wheelsBass, guitar, fiddle and mandolin with soulful vocals and 4 part harmony with original bluegrass tunes
North country bluegrassVeterans from the Northwest Bluegrass seen play great straight ahead Bluegrass
The Earl brothersDark, gloomy blues with old Timey banjo based grooves. "Whiskey, women and death"
FarmStrongThree-part harmony's with dobro guitar and bass
The seldom sceneLegends in masters a Bluegrass five piece traditional bluegrass band
Doyle Lawson and QuicksilverGospel bluegrass at its best with one of the best mandolin players ever
Helen Highwater string bandFour piece with the best Monroe style mandolin player in the world
The old yeller'sPortland based trio with all original singer songwriter songs. The mandolin player is one of my instructors
Cahalen MorrisonGreat country swing band
Dustbowl revivalAcoustic string band with horn section. Great dance music

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