Bumbershoot 2015

Performances, Saturday Sept 5 - Sunday Sept 7

Highly recommended performance
*** Seen at least on-line, and look promising, or know well and like them
**** Seen or know well enough to know they're great

Sat 2:00pmPhoebe Bridgers ***Starbucks Stage
Sat 2:45pmElle KingStarbucks Stage
Sat 3:45pmThe White BuffaloStarbucks Stage
Sat 4:00pmDeep Creep#NeverTamed Stage
Sat 6:15pmElephant RevivalStarbucks Stage
Sat 7:30pmChris StapletonStarbucks Stage
Sat 8:45pmKacey MusgravesStarbucks Stage
Sun 2:15pmIsrael Nash#NeverTamed Stage
Sun 4:30pmNikki Lane#NeverTamed Stage
Sun 6:00pmThe Cave Singers#NeverTamed Stage
Sun 7:45pmPunch Brothers ****#NeverTamed Stage
Sun 9:30pmNeko Case ****#NeverTamed Stage
Mon 4:30pmChris Orlowski ****Starbucks Stage
Mon 4:45pmLonesome Shack ***Rhapsody Stage
Mon 8:45pmEllie GouldingMemorial Stadium

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